Window Valance, adding style to your treatment


A Valance can dress up a window, hide hardware, bring color into a space and with the vast variety of styles, give you almost any type of look you are going for. So I would like to highlight a few different styles of valances we have done to give you a better idea of what we could do for your windows.

Four types of Valances we are seeing in our projects this years are:

  • Relaxed Roman
  • Kennedy
  • Swag and Jabot
  • Inverted Pleat

Please keep in mind there are many different looks and styles and we are usually able to accomplish the design that works for you.

Relaxed Roman Valance

The Relaxed Roman valance is a great mix between a shade and a traditional valance, allowing you to cover as much or little of the window with loose hanging fabric that puddles as large or small as you would like. As you can see from the images above, the Relaxed Roman can be made in a variety of ways with as many swags as you want.

Kennedy Valance

The Kennedy valance, also referred to as a Soft Swag with Cascades valance gives you the subtle tail on either end while being backed with a single board, resulting in a crisp top. As you can see in the bathroom photo, there are two folds through the fabric that were created by pinching the fabric on either end of the board. You can choose to bring the pleat in more to give you a more dramatic  swag.  It really just depends on your style.

Swag and Jabot Valance

The Swag and Jabot valance is great for the more formal, classic look. It can also be a middle ground for someone that does not want a full window treatment on their window since the fabric hangs down lower and gives you a drapery look along with the top cover of the valance.

Inverted Pleat Valance

The final valance we are highlighting is a personal favorite; an inverted pleat valance. This look can be done a few different ways allowing you to have different fabrics in a peek a boo pleat that is sewn at the top then opens further down  between the swags of the pleats.

Please keep in mind each valance is going to change based off of your own unique style, the workroom, and the fabric you choose.

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