Cornice; A Top Treatment

Cornice Styles from

The window Cornice is best known for its ability to hide hardware above a window from the top of a shade or drapery. The once predominate feature is becoming less common in households today, but still holds great value and beauty when applied to a space. Along with hiding hardware, a cornice can dress up a window or door as well as elongate them depending on its placement.

With the many different styles of cornices, you can come up with a variety of different looks for your space. Most of our clients we work with are using the arched fabric wrapped cornice or the sleek wooden cornices.

Another highlight about a cornice is how easy it is to put them on or off as well as cleaning. If it is a fabric  you can take your vacuum extension (if you can reach the cornice) and brush over it lightly.  As for wood, a long duster works great as well.

Floural box cornice over window
Fabric wrapped straight cornice with matched welting

A cornice can be created during the design of a shade or treatment or any time after. We do not recommend getting the cornice before your treatments because the cornice may need to have a large depth to cover everything and frame the area.

Blue box cornice over sliding door
Fabric wrapped cornice with dark blue welting over sliding glass door hiding hardware for pinch pleat drapery
Leather Step Straight cornice with studs
Leather Step Straight Cornice framed in metal studs

There’s Nothing Like A

Bright accent color

To Enliven A Room. 

-Amanda Etty, Assistant Editor 

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