Not your Grandmother’s Wallpaper

We have just started on a new adventure here at Ambiance Design. We are now showing select lines of Wallpaper! I know the first thing that comes to mind is that crazy pink strip with flowers everywhere in your grandmother’s dining room, kitchen, sitting room, “you name it room,” it is there. Well, think again and think accent walls, powder rooms, texture, glitter, awesome patterns, and grasscloth.  Just like most things, through the years wallpaper has gotten a makeover, and it is making a statement in homes once again.

Gianti Wallcoverings Kashmir collection- KA500011
Gianti Wallcovering – Kashmir Collection – KA500011

We have brought in a few different companies like:





Phillip Jeffries


With each of these companies, the possibilities are endless for different styles, textures, materials, and more! We have taken on a few different lines at this time varying from interesting and unique patterns to textures and natural grasscloths.

As you can tell, wall-coverings have gotten a great upgrade and have so much more to offer. Three major areas we are seeing wallpaper in the house are Accent walls, powder rooms, and as an alternative to a tile backsplash.

Accent Wall

Designer Jeannie Balsam featured Voyage Collection Large Damask 5134 Chocolate Brown

The use of an Accent wall can do wonders for you space. It gives the room a different look from all angels as well as creating contrast while highlighting the architecture in the room. This also allows you to be bold but not over-baring. With adding a single wall it is less overwhelming to people. It is a great way to show your fun or artistic side on a place people normally overlook.


Powder Rooms

Phillip Jeffries - 1966 Extra Fine Arrowroot - Mediterranean from Interior designer RObert Frank

Why a Powder room you ask? People have found it is a nicer and not as over whelming look to do wallpaper in a small space. This way you can explore with different large patterns or textures in a space that can be closed off to the rest of the house to help you show different looks without having too much going on at once.

Backsplash Alternative 


Stone or tile backsplashes in the kitchen are a great way to add a little texture or color. Another option to think about is now wallpaper! For this application you want to make sure you stick with a wallpaper that is going to allow you to scrub it if/when it gets dirty. (It is in the kitchen, so you know it will happen.)  We recommend sticking with a cleanable, vinyl wallpaper. They come in a great patterns, textures, and looks letting you get the finish you are looking for that could end up costing less. Food for thought…see what I did there.


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