Choosing the Correct Shutter just got that much easier


Shutters are a beautiful statement where ever they are used. Many people only think of them at a beach house or the mystery study that know one is allowed to enter. We are here to explain  the world of shutters for you and help you see this amazing product in a whole new light. We are going to talk about the 3 types of shutters Hunter Douglas offers, a little of the construction, the warranty, speciality shapes, and pricing.

In the images above we have the three different types of shutters Hunter Douglas offers. The first image represents the Heritance Hardwood Shutter.  This is top of the line, all wood shutter that comes in the most colors, stained or painted. The second image shows the NewStyle Hybrid Shutter.  This line is a mix of hardwood and Polymer materials that also allows you the option of stains and paint, just not as wide of a select as Heritance. The final image is the Palm Beach Shutter that is made with all polysatin material. This shutter only comes in white and is mainly used for bathrooms and beach homes to protect from the high moisture levels.

When making an investment in your home, you heritance_2014_dovetail_detailwant to make sure you are receiving the best for your money. With the Hunter Douglas Heritance Hardwood Shutter and NewStyle Hybrid Shutter, you can trust you are getting top of the line product. They are made with Dovetail construction, which is not usually heard of in the shutter world. This gives you a longer and more durable life to your shutters.

Along with the Dovetail construction, you have the optionpalmbeach_2009_tiltbardetail to get rid of the front tilt bar and get a rear tilt bar that is more durable, made out of metal and not seen to be pulled on. The front tilt bar is the standard look to shutters, but people usually think this is the only way you can move the large louvers and end up pulling the staples off the treatment or breaking the bar. You are actually supposed to move the louvers by moving one to the position of your desire and the tilt bar allows the remaining louvers to follow. With giving the option of a rear tilt, you also give more visibility when your shutters are closed and vanes open.



Shutters are truly a great feature in your home, and hd_warrantysomething that really adds to their value is the LifeTime Warranty that comes with them. Hunter Douglas has a Limited Warranty on most of their treatments to better your buying experience with them. Shutters come with their own unique number that allows the current owner (even if they did not purchase the shutters) to take ownership of them. If there is an issue with the shutter itself or the finish we can use this unique number to find the needed information and take care of the issue without money coming out of your pocket.

Another great point about Hunter Douglas Shutters is their ability to come in speciality shapes. 010d189d0717565720546d29d771393c20f64578 Each product is going to allow you to do something different. With the shutters you can get all different types of shapes ranging from a circle to the diamond. The louvers will be individually placed in the treatment at the time of installation. They will be made to look half open to allow sun in, but still giving you privacy and control of the light when they are placed at a 45 degree up angle.

Our final category, the one you probably are most concerned about, is pricing!  newstyle_2016rx_angletop_panels_honey_lvgrmBelieve me, we get it! You are looking for something that is going to look great in your house and not break the bank. We want to be the one to help you accomplish this! May it be any product we pride ourselves on being able to work within your budget. But enough about us, you want to hear about Shutters. So the breakdown of the shutters is as follows. Heritance Hardwood Shutters is top of the line, NewStyle Hybrid Shutters are middle of the road and the Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters is your entry level price. For a standard size window, you are looking at a starting point of $600.00 per window going upwards of $1,200 per window. Besides the type of shutter, other areas that will influence your pricing are; size of the window, shape of the window, stained or painted finish and tilt bar location.

Try to keep these few categories in mind when you are looking around for your next window treatment. If you are looking for more information about shutters or shades in general check out our showroom located in Blue Bell, PA.


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