What it means to work with a Hunter Douglas Gallery

Ambiance Design has been in business for about 7 years now. When we work with clients, we like to give them a little background on where we came from, how we value what we do, and what sets us a part from other Hunter Douglas dealers. hunter-douglas-gallery-logoThere are many Hunter Douglas dealers and galleries around the areas we service, but the biggest piece that sets us apart from the crowd is our owner and lead consultantlaura-new-head-shot Laura Hawley. Before Laura created Ambiance Design, she actually worked for Hunter Douglas for 7 years in a few different departments. Laura started her career with Hunter Douglas in the customer service department, then moved over to technical support in the Willow Grove facility where she could see first-hand how products were made and worked on. She then moved to Hunter Douglas Corporate, where she was the team leader of the installation division finding installers throughout the east coast to install Hunter Douglas product for dealers’ projects. With all of Laura’s experience and vast knowledge of the product, she is a great addition to help our clients get the right product for their space.

Another reason to work with a Hunter Douglas Gallery like Ambiance Design, is the ability to offer our clients two select lines only offered through dealers with a certain level of investment. One line is the HD home_ursc_hunter_douglas_store_dOrigin collect for the Honeycomb shades and Nantucket shades. This gives us the ability to compete with the large box stores to get you a custom product at an entry level price. This is great when a client is looking to do a guest room or rooms they just need to cover, but do not want to have as large of a budget as say a Master bedroom.


The Right Choice Promise you receive is an additional benefit to working with a Hunter Douglas Gallery. imgres This is an amazing offer that can only be found through specific dealers. Hunter Douglas allows you to live with your custom product in your home for 21 days to make sure you love it. If you are not satisfied, you can return the product and get something new for only a small maintenance fee. If you decide to upgrade to a more expensive product, you just have to pay the difference. Being able to say you do not want a Custom Made product and not have to pay for a whole new one is practically unheard of. We are very excited to be able to offer this to our clients to make sure they are truly happy with their product.

Below is a video of Laura talking about her experience with Hunter Douglas as well as an amazing story of a client we were able to help get a completely new shade that should have cost around $1,200.00 for free. Take a look and leave a comment letting us know if you enjoyed the article. If there is something you would like to learn more about please let us know.




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