Easy As One, Two, Three… 3 Things to Do Before Stopping In

You Deserve A Gold Star!goldstarambiance.png

You’ve already decided you want to purchase window treatments for your home or vacation house.  You even made one of the best discoveries ever, that is: our Hunter Douglas Gallery in Blue Bell.  And, you have set aside time in your busy schedule to stop in to see if we are a good fit for you.  All great things that we are thrilled about and you should be too!  However, before coming into the Showroom to meet with a consultant and to admire all the elegant treatments we offer, there are three simple things that you can do to help us better serve you!

Just Three Things

1. Take Pictures

takepics.pngFor us to get a better understanding of the type of window(s) you are looking to get treatments for as well as a better sense of your style, we recommend for you to bring in pictures.  Grab your smart phone and take a few pictures of your windows and even the entire room or space around them.  By doing this, we can help guide you more in your selection process and make additional suggestions.

2. Take Rough Measurementsmeasurements.png

We know you may not be very engineer-minded or a “Do it yourself” type of person when it comes to the construction of your home, and you by no means have to be.  With a basic tape measure, you can give us close estimates of your window measurements.  This enables us to provide you with more information on the types of treatments that may work best as well as their style.  Then, we can even give you a general idea of the price you are looking at.

3. Determine Your Price Range

Hunter Douglas offers quality window treatments with reasonable price points ranging from $250-$1200 for a typical 3’ x 6’ window, with our standard average between $500 and $800.  No matter what your budget is, we can find the perfect fit for your home.

 Consultation and Coffee!


Now that you are fully prepared after doing the three things listed above, stop in at our showroom and come visit us!  Your pictures, measurements, and budget will help us immensely in better assisting you in your purchase decision.  We would be honored to meet you and sit down over a cup of coffee or tea to discuss your needs and how we can meet them.  From there, we can then set up an in-home consultation and finally the installation of your new treatments!  We’ll see you soon!


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