Child Safety: Preventing Unnecessary Harm

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In the Blink of an Eye

Curious, imaginative, adventurous, and “innocent,” children are always on the move, getting into everything and anything they possibly can to learn and explore and simply have fun.  These characteristics are in their nature, and I am sure that you have plenty of stories of your little munchkins getting into a bag of flour, painting themselves with lipstick, cutting their own hair, or playing in the toilet.  You think to yourself in disbelief “I turned my back for just a minute!”


These things always make for a cute photo, a funny memory, and an endless clean-up task.  However, things get a little more serious when it comes to window blinds and coverings.  Based from an article written in April of 2015, “according to data compiled by the CPSC, at least 332 children, most of them under the age of two, have been fatally strangled by window cords over the last 30 years.”  The dangers and potential hazardous outcome that could result from cords on window treatments and coverings in your home is not worth this risk at all, and many times, it happens in a blink of an eye.


The Dangers of Cords

“According to the CPSC, corded window coverings are one of the top five hidden hazards in American homes, with infants and children accidentally becoming entangled in window covering cords.”

The Slow Start

There was a lot of push back from various window treatment companies for years about enhancing child safety in products.  Change is hard, and fears over lack of sales with the cordless option, as well as increasing the industry’s manufacturing costs, prevented significant change from happening for a while.  Some companies even argued that there was no need to ban cords because only 10% of American homes have young children in them.  However, as critical injuries and fatal deaths continued to occur, parents and consumers fought hard to make a much needed difference in the industry.

A Strong Finish


To raise public awareness of window covering dangers, the WCSC and CPSC declared October as National Window Covering Safety Month!  They also have made it very clear at how important it is for homeowners with young children to only use cordless window treatments or coverings with inaccessible cords.  Warning labels and notifications are now used heavily to inform consumers of the potential dangers as well as making suggestions to choose a cordless alternative and take preventative measures in eliminating your child’s access to the windows.  It is highly recommended to

  • Move cribs, beds, furniture, and toys away from the windows
  • Make sure cords are out of sight and reach, moving them out of the way
  • replace corded treatments with cordless options

Hunter Douglas for the Win

Hunter Douglas, one of the leading window treatment companies in the industry, takes this matter very seriously, making their window treatments safer for homes with infants, kids, and even pets a top priority.  At Hunter Douglas, they recognize the risk, the dangers, and the devastation, and have taken considerable action in eliminating this issue as a result.

Many cordless options are available for Hunter Douglas window treatments, including the following:

  • LiteRise: no cords, simply raise and lower the shade with your fingers
  • SimpleLift: the bottom rail without handles or cords allows you to raise and lower with your hand
  • Vertiglide: great for sliding doors, with no cords, chains, or wands- just open and close with the small handle
  • Wand Control: sleek and simple, the wand controls all functions of
    Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 12.21.35 PM
    LiteRise, PowerView, UltraGlide

    the window treatment, eliminating dangerous cords

  • Clutch Lifting System: a spring-like clutch lifting system featuring a decorative pull rather than a cord
  • Custom Shutter Collection: all of the HD shutters are cordless!
  • PowerView Motorization: simple and convenient, motorization with all of its features and options is where the world of window treatments as well as other smart products and technology is heading.  (read more about PowerView and its benefits in our Feel the Power blog post

Other Safety Features:

  • Combination wand/cord: integrates tilt and traverse functions together that keeps cord taut
  • Cord tensioner: holds looped cords taut to prevent entanglement
  • Cord cleat: allows for excess cord to be tightly wrapped around
  • UltraGlide: a retractable pull cord that remains at a constant length and is less accessible

Don’t Risk It!

With all of these options, there is NO excuse NOT to get rid of your old, unsafe window treatments with cords and chains and go cordless!  Not only are these operating systems easier to use and convenient, they can prevent serious injury or death to your children.  So, do not take the chance.  Make the switch now.  Give us a call to learn more about which Hunter Douglas products offer the most child safety and how you can get them installed in your home with Ambiance Design!


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